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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Foxy Pocket Time

Jewel 7

 “Sherrie, stick this in your Foxy Pocket,” Marion told Sherrie as she was gathering up her things to head back to school after a weekend visit to the mountains.  "My what? What the heck is a Foxy Pocket?" Sherrie questioned.  She was surprised that she had not learned this pearl of wisdom:  Every woman should have a few bucks, that her husband doesn’t know about, to do with as she pleases. 
Ah, understanding...  Sherrie continued listening to Marion's stories of heading to town for monthly grocery shopping, and before returning home they would stop in a local tavern for a little nip of something before the 30+ mile trek home.  Sherrie died with laughter, but this was serious business to Marion.  A gal should always have few extra bucks tucked away in a secret fold of her wallet, or under the lining of her shoe for those times when you want something special for yourself, or you just want to let your hair down.
Sherrie may have laughed when she first heard Marion, her godmother’s, stories, but she took the words to heart.  Ten years later She still has a Foxy Pocket.  It’s not much, just $10 to $50, but she feels closer to Marion and her grandmother knowing that she is carrying on their tradition.  Plus, let’s be honest, those couple of buck lets women be just a little more independent. Cheers to wise women!    

Start your own foxy pocket! Tuck away $5, $10 or $20 a month in a special account or secret place. It doesn't have to be a secret..Jaime's husband knows where hers is, but he doesn't have access to the account. It's the money we ditch away for when we really are craving something and a birthday or holiday is not nearby. Sometimes, you need the YAY ME! buy.

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